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Frozen Fever has Arrived!
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Minimize Your Make Up Routine

I hesitate to show everone what I look like with no make-up, but hopefully my "transformance" will inspire all of you to minimize your own routines when it comes to make-up. Celebrate the way you look at the age you are. I'm 72.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


      So, are you all ready for Christmas?  Other than wrapping a few presents, I am!  I've actually stayed right on schedule - got my shopping done early and had many of my Christmas cards made in advance.  Our whole family was here for Thanksgiving, so we had a family photo taken with both of our daughters and their kiddos.  All my friends will be delighted to receive this picture, I'm sure.  I wish I could figure out how to put photos on my blog from this iPad, but, so far, nothing has worked.  Anybody got any suggestions??

      Aha!  I think I have to put them in Google Archive or something like that.  I hope you have heard about the horrible fires that swept over Gatlinburg recently.  It was what they called a "Firestorm", because it started as some small brush fires on the North Carolina side of the Smokey Mountains, but later the next night there were high winds (70 mph) on the mountains, and the fires spread rapidly over the tree tops into the mountains surrounding Gatlinburg, which is in Tennessee, on the Monday night right after Thanksgiving.  The town and surrounding vacation resorts were just taken over with this fire in a matter of a couple of hours.  Most of the vacation cabins were made of logs, and they caught fire like matchsticks up high on the mountains.  People were given very little warning because of the speed of the approach of the fire, so they had to flee for their lives.  Some had to drive down burning mountain roads in their cars, while others had to actually run down the mountainsides to escape.  All this we were watching at home on TV while things were burning.  It was horrible!  Fortunately only 14 people died, but 500 buildings and cabins were burned -  including a cabin we had built on the other side of the mountain from the main fire.  Apparently, huge embers from the fire would fly through the air because of the strong winds, and the far side of the mountain burned in a couple of places where other vacation log cabins were built.  Our cabin, Shadow Wood was one that burned.  We didn't own it anymore, but we sure had a lot of fond memories of good times spent there!
Hundreds of people lost everything in the fire, while others were there for the Thanksgiving holiday and lost all the clothes and things they brought with them.  One couple and their three teenage sons were vacationing in one of the cabins and both parents died in the fire, and their three sons all ended up in Vanderbilt Hospital burn unit. There were so many sad stories like this, it just broke our hearts! Dolly Parton, who is from this area of Tennessee had a Telethon in Nashville that raised $10,0000 dollars for the people who lost their homes.  Plus, she's giving $1,000/mo. For each family who lost their home for the next 6 months to help them get back on their feet.  She's quite a lady!  Now here are a Photo of the front page of our newspaper:

The building you can see right in front is Dolly's Dreamworks Hotel, which was evacuated, but suffered little damage.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


     Whew!  It has been quite a few days!  I suppose all grandparents think this way when their children and grandchildren finally leave for home, after spending 5 days rollicking through your usually peaceful house and eating and drinking everything in sight.  Does this sound familiar?
     Our two daughters are both married and have children, and they both live away from us. Therefore, we don't get to see them as often as we'd like.  So it is with excitement that we await their arrival whenever they plan to come to town, and, this year, both families came for Thanksgiving, adding 8 extra people to our three bedroom home.  The oldest grandson is now 18, and we didn't see a lot of him, because he works for a retail store and had to be back home to work on Black Friday.  However, the other three are 11 (2 boys) and 12 (the one grandaughter), and they spent their days riding the 4 wheelers all over our hillside and pasture.  Then in the house they ran, ate something - basically anything they could find - and then out they ran again.  Fortunately, there were no fights or tears, and nobody got hurt.  On Thanksgiving Day, our one daughter with the three kids went to her husband's relatives for the day, and we took our other daughter and family out to eat at a restaurant that was featuring a delicious Thanksgiving buffet.  Loved it!  No slaving away with food preparation for 2 days, only to have dinner over in 20 minutes in order to go watch the football games on TV!
      Alas, the days went by quickly, and now we're home in our peaceful house again, longing for the chaos that just left.  We all had a great time together, and we even got family photos taken for everyone's Christmas cards.  That reminds me, I've got to get busy making mine!
     Happy Holidays to you all, and remember to visit my website at to see what Close To My Heart has to offer for the Holidays.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Snow Fun By Judy Goodson

This was my latest creation, and it is going up for sale on "" for $45 with free shipping.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Here's the really nice 6 x 6 Halloween mini-album I made. It's going up for sale on eBay soon, but I wanted you all to see it before it does. I just love the way it turned out!

Monday, September 5, 2016


I must offer you all my sincere apologies for being absent for the last few months, but it looks like my ankle has recovered well, and I'm able to get back into my craft room again.  I've worked on a number of mini albums, using new techniques and so forth, and they will be going up for sale on eBay soon.  Also, I am doing well as a Close To My Heart consultant, and I hope to start having some  on-line card classes on a limited basis at first, because I don't know how many people will be interested.  My first class will be limited to 15 people, and in each kit there will be the supplies needed to make 6 cards (2 each of three different styles).  Each participant will have to pay for their supplies - ink and stamp sets along with postage, but extra embellishments and do dads will be provided.  All the card stock will already be cut to size and there will also be envelopes.  Occasionally, if things go well, additional free stuff will be provided or kits will be discounted.  Please let me know if you think this is something you might be interested in.  Sign up is for one class at a time, so there are no continuing obligations.  All of our new catalogs are out now, so please check  out the new products:

Please send me your opinions.

Monday, June 27, 2016


The week-end passed quickly, with a lot of mess and commotion in our house - 3 of our 4 grandchildren, a daughter and her spouse, and the arrival from Florida of my brother and sister.  My sister does own her own place up here, though, so they were just at our house for mealtimes.  First of all, we had to pick up our two campers on Friday afternoon.  They came home tan, tired, and with a plastic bag full of dirty, damp clothes.  According to them, the food at camp was good, and they had a ball, but they hated the one night they had to spend the night camped out in the woods.  It rained, and their sleeping bags got wet, even though they had tarps over the raised wooden platform.  Also, supper had to be cooked on the fire, and the counselor had forgotten the aluminum foil (which he had to go back and get), making supper very late.  To top it off, the bugs ate them up!  Other than that one night, though, they had a ball.  This week-end I spent the whole time cooking, shopping, cleaning up after everyone, and doing LOTS of laundry!  Only one boy had to sleep on an inflatable at night, because Benjamin, our 17 year old grandson, opted out of coming this week-end.  Spending three days with all of us just isn't his thing anymore.  How soon they forget the good old times with Grammy and Papaw!  He was our one and only grandson for 6 years, and we totally doted on him.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Our two youngest grandsons, age 11 each, both went to the Methodist Church Camp, located in the foothills of the Great Smokey mountains, about 20 miles from where we lived.  This was the first time camping experience or both city boys, and I'm sure they were both nervous about spending 5 days away from their families with a bunch of kids they didn't know.  But they were brave about it.  One child just took his sleeping bag and one suitcase with a clean pair of clothes for each day, extra shoes, 2 sets of sleepwear one washcloth and one towel.  The other boy took 5 large ziplock bags with 2 sets of clothes for each day (wise mom) 2 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of water shoes 2 wash clothes and 2 large bath towels and one large pool towel - PLUS his "Bear" that he sleeps with.  Now this kid was prepared!  Unfortunately, the first boy ran out of dry clothes and had to wear his jacket for a shirt one day and just about roasted in it!  It's really been hot here, in the 90's all week long.  Apparently they had a really good time, except for the night that they hiked up into the woods, carrying their sleeping bags and supplies and cooked supper over the fire and then slept in the woods all night.  They got very little sleep because of the bugs, the rain, and the heat.  But they lived through it, and are tougher for it.  Sleep-away camp is a great experience for any kid, I think.  It lets him or her know that they can have a good time despite no TV, iPhones or Game Boys.  You can actually have a good time outdoors hiking, swimming, canoeing, and getting to know people different than you.  I went to camp, my sister went to camp, both of our daughters went to camp, and now three of our grandchildren have been to camp.  So far, our one grandsughter has been the hold-out.  Maybe she'll decide to go next year.

I'm out of my walking boot now and have returned to my normal activities.  This broken ankle has been a rough experience because of the prolonged inability to be on my feet.  I've learned a lot, and I will never described this injury as "just a broken ankle".  The recovery is long and painful, and I still walk with a limp, which I hate!  But I have been able to continue crafting!