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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Instructions for Pink, Blue and Black Christmas Card

Hi Everyone,
     I hope you took a look at my Christmas card photograph below this post.  I did it for a challenge from Robyn, the Pink Stamper.  She is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a contest and a giveaway for each day until Christmas.  Her challenge this morning was to make a card using:  black paper, 2 different shades of pink paper, and 2 different shades of blue.  This card was my submission, and here are the instructions:
1.  Make the card by cutting an 8 1/2 X 11 in. piece of black cardstock in half.
2.  Fold one half to make a 5-1/2 X 4-1/4" vertical card. 
3.  Cut a mat 5-1/4 X  4 in. in a darker blue of your choice.  Don't glue it down yet, though.
4.  Then cut one strip of darker pink, one stip of a patterned light blue, and one stip of a lighter pink pattern, each 1-1/2" X 4 in.  Glue them on to your mat.
5.  Cut a black or black patterned 1/4" ribbon and tape it around the bottom of the blue mat, using the "cheater method".  Then just add a small knot towards one side.
6.  I cut the "swirly Christmas tree" out of white glittered paper from the "Christmas Noel" Cricut cartridge.  I believe it was about 3-3/4 in. tall.  Glue it slight to one side just above, or slightly on top of the ribbon.
7.  Glue the whole creation and matt on the front of the card.  Ta Da!!!

For the sentiment inside you can add a piece of white cardstock and write a note, if you want.  I cut out "NOEL"  from the same Cricut cartridge and glued on the pieces.  The squares are in blue, and the lettering is in pink, but it just doesn't show up that way.

Materials used:  Black craft paper from A.C. Moore, Colored papers from "Nannie's Kids" by DCWV and Color Blocking Sticky Swatch, ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and Christmas Noel Cricut Cartridge from ProvoCraft.  I hope you enjoyed my project.


Pat N. said...

Love your blog page and your comments. I love to shop for crafting supplies, and feel proud of my accomplishments. "I made this card and it only cost me $1,000!!" Hope you visit my blog sometime.

laurakim said...

I know just how you feel, Pat. I am a sucker for those Cricut cartridges, and I haven't used 1/2 of them.

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