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I was raised in South Florida back in the years when it was a peaceful and wonderfully safe place to live. We lived a mile from the beach and could ride our bikes over the intercoastal bridge right to the best beach around. All my years of growing up I was a competitive swimmer and belonged to AAU. I granduated from Florida State University with a BS degree in nursing. I am recently retired but I'm thinking of going back to work to support my hobbies.
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Friday, January 28, 2011


The picture above is of our 3 year old Brittany Spaniel, Nick.  He was bought to hopefully become my husband's bird dog, but he had not been well socialized as a puppy, and, by the time we bought him at age 4 months, he was basically afraid of people.  It took us months to get him to feel comfortable with us, but now, he is just a good all-around farm dog.  He loves our grandchildren, loves to run with the 4-wheeler, digs up moles and voles with our other dog, Feisty, and is a companion to my husband on the farm.  I wanted to make a scrapbook page of him because he really is a beautiful dog, especially when he's clean, which isn't often.  He usually has mud on his paws and his nose from digging after "varmits" that invade our yard.  He's a great dog.  I guess you can't ask for much more than that.


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