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I was raised in South Florida back in the years when it was a peaceful and wonderfully safe place to live. We lived a mile from the beach and could ride our bikes over the intercoastal bridge right to the best beach around. All my years of growing up I was a competitive swimmer and belonged to AAU. I granduated from Florida State University with a BS degree in nursing. I am recently retired but I'm thinking of going back to work to support my hobbies.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Still Sick With Bronchitis

What a miserable lot!!  I've been sick with bronchitis for 2 weeks, and although I am improving, it just has kept me drained.  The weather hasn't helped either.  That pretty snow we had the other day, turned into dreary rain by the next day, and all the beauty was gone.  I haven't felt very creative, but I will make a video of some of the scrapbook pages I've done, so you can get an idea of the type of pages I do.  I'm all into getting the photos on the page.  I embellish the pages, but, as a rule, I don't ponder over them for a day and try to make them total works of art.  I have a friend that does that, and her scrapbook pages are beautiful, but it takes her two days to do one layout!  I don't have that kind of patience, I'm afraid.  I take a lot of pictures, but I don't scrapbook all of them.  Right now I'm working on a scrapbook from 2008.  My daughter and I went on a bus tour of New England in the fall, and I did take a lot of photos.  I had to figure out a way to get a lot of photos in the book, so I stuck basically with the same design, just changing the orientation and the colors a little for each layout, and it is coming together quite nicely.  I got the idea from Creative Keepsakes magazine, and it looked very do-able.  Basically, for each 2 page layout, all you need is two solid sheets, same color, 4 strips of contrasting 3/4" x 12" same color, and one 3" X 6" light card stock for journaling.  Sound intersting?  Next time, I'll do a video and show you the pages.  You'll be surprised at how simple and easy to do they are.  See you then.


Pat N. said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick. Take care of yourself, and hope you're feeling better soon!

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