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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Joys of Shopping With An Adolescent Grandson

Our 12 year old grandson, Benjamin, is staying with us this week, and when we picked him up on Thursday, his mom (our daughter) gave us some money and a list of clothing items that he needed because he's either out-grown everything, or he's worn an item until it has turned into a rag.  My husband and I raised 2 daughters, and he refused to go shopping with them because it was such an ordeal - those of you who have daughters know what I mean.  They have to try on ALL possibilites in ALL stores before they make their final selections.   Shopping with them always took hours, and, sometimes, at the end of the day, they had found nothing that suited them.  And then there was Benjamin.  We went looking for shoes first (his mother had specified "nothing very expensive") because he is out-growing or wearing out his everyday shoes every 3 months.  So we went to Shoe Carnival.  In 10 minutes, he had found two pairs of acceptible shoes, and I even got a pair at 1/2 price with one of his pairs!  Ka-ching!!  Then we went righty next door to Rue 21 (Benjamin's favorite store), and within 10 minutes again, he had found 2 pairs of shorts, size 31 that he liked.  I made him try them on, and they hung at an appropriate level on his hips, so that was another purchase completed.  Ka-ching again!!  Now, I wouldn't be caught dead in the checked patterns he picked out in these shorts, but, hey,  maybe they're all the thing for that age group.  I hope so!  The last store we went to was K-Mart, where we found his boxer underwear and the loudest, gaudiest pair of Elmo lounging pants that I've ever seen.  He loved them, so that was his one extravagance.  We got out of K-mart in record time, having completed all the required purchases with no fussing, squabbling, or fit pitching because something was too expensive.  I'll take a boy shopping anyday before I'll take a girl!  I do have one grandaughter, Abby, who is 7.  She likes "girlie, girl" clothes, and I like to buy them for her.  I don't know how that will be when she is a pre-teen.  We'll see.  Pictures of our trip will come up next time.


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