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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I'm writing to you sitting in a Krystal Restaurant because it has wireless internet connection AND electricity.  Like many others here in the S.E. US, last night was a night of devastating storms and tornadoes.  We live in a mobile home at the top of a hill, and at 6:30 last night, the weather warnings advised that the bad weather was imminent, so we headed down the hill to my mother-in-laws sturdy brick rancher home.  She's 96 and mostly blind, so I'm sure she was comforted by the fact that we were there because, I'm telling you, the truth, never have I been through storms like we had last night!  We were spared any tornadoes touchinng down, but the hail was ping-pong ball sized and more like jagged rocks than the little moth balls we usually see.  All the windows on one side of our church were broken - just from the large hail.  It was one storm after another, and, of course we lost our electricity.  It's almost 24 hours later, and we still don't have the electricity back on.  I am going to be totally pissed if I don't get to watch the Royal Wedding!

We all survived the storm with minimal damage, one tree down.  Let us all pray for those families in Alabama who lost so much.  The internet pictures I've seen have shown massive devastation.  Bye for now Peeps.  Hope I get my electricity back soon.


jen said...

Glad to hear your ok...hope you get back your power soon.

flowerdisco said...

same here but my heart breaks with such destruction. i wonder what is next.

i am setting my alarm for the wedding. hopefully i will get up to see every bit of it and you too. :)

Pat N. said...

So glad to hear you're okay and there's no destruction to your home. How scary.

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