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Frozen Fever has Arrived!
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Forget spring fever ... Disney® Frozen Fever is heating things up at Cricut! Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and friends can all be printed in 50 beautiful, full-color images! You simply print the colorful, fun Disney® images that you want, and then cut them with Cricut Explore®.

You can also try out the images in Cricut Design Space™ before you buy! Design Space® gives you access to all of your images and projects from any compatible computer or iPad so you have the creative freedom to design just about anything! You can use the new Disney® Frozen Fever images to make party invitations, decorations, and favors -- even embellishments to your favorite photo memories!

With the Cut What You Want® tool in Design Space®, you can easily convert your Disney® Frozen Fever images -- or even your own design -- into a cuttable image in just a few clicks! Upload and cut .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .dxf files absolutely FREE. You can even use fonts already installed on your computer.

Print full color images, such as the new Frozen Fever images, with Cricut Design Space™ and your printer; then cut with your Cricut Explore® machine! Print then Cut gives you flawless results with color bleed, precision cutting and over 50,000 printables.

With Cricut, you'll be able to design your favorite Frozen-themed crafts in less time than it takes to sing "Let It Go!"




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Sunday, September 4, 2011


My DH and I went to visit with our oldest daughter and her family at their cabin in Franklin, NC.  It's such a pretty, quaint town with loads of antique stores and intersting things to do.  On Saturday night we went to listen to country music on the town squary - sort of a tradition.  Today we went ruby mining at the Sheffield Mine just outside of Franklin.  Let me tell you, mining is a dirty business!  I had one of my favorite casual outfits on, and I got brown clay mud all over my top.  Yuk!!  I hadn't really packed my suitcase for ruby mining, so I just went with what I had on - my bad!!  Cade got 2 "Rainbow Buckets" and found a lot of great and shiny geods and an arrowhead, while Laura and I sifted and strained and sl0pped all over looking for rubies and/or sapphires.  Both of us had two buckets of dirt each, and neither of us knew what we were looking for in all that mud.  Thankfully, there were a number of "helpers" who walked along a let you know if you had anything worth keeping.  We were thrilled to find a few tiny little rubies.  I even got one that is big enough to make a piece of jewelry out of!  While we were there the same man, Bob, got two "Honkers", which were large rubies - over 50 carats or so.  Apparently Bob mines all the time, because he showed us his loot from years past.  I must admit,  it was lots of fun, but it isn't going to make either one of us wealthy.  LOL!


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