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I was raised in South Florida back in the years when it was a peaceful and wonderfully safe place to live. We lived a mile from the beach and could ride our bikes over the intercoastal bridge right to the best beach around. All my years of growing up I was a competitive swimmer and belonged to AAU. I granduated from Florida State University with a BS degree in nursing. I am recently retired but I'm thinking of going back to work to support my hobbies.
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am home now, and it's like I was never gone, you know what I mean?  Haven't you been on vacation, had a great time, and then when you get home and look around your house at the same furniture, the same kitchen, the same EVERYTHING, it's just like your vacation never happened.  Well, that's how I feel.  It's kind of depressing.  I want to feel rejuvinated and filled with energy - I certainly got enough rest!  But instead, I feel kind of depressed, which, in itself, is depressing. 
My sweet mother-in-law, who lives down the hill from us, just turned 96 this past week, and, just since I have been gone, she has gone rapidly downhill mentally.  It could be senile dementia, but the rapidity of it worries me.  It's kind of unusual for something like this to progress this quickly, and I fear that she might have something more serious going on.  We are taking her to the doctor this Thursday, but at 96, are we going to put her through MRI's and that kind of thing?  She wouldn't want that.  Right now she doesn't even know that the house she's staying in is her own.  So sad. 


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