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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All children of these mountains were born at home, usually without the help of a midwife, but often with the help of a neighbor or "granny" or an older daughter of the family.  However, there were a few experienced midwives in these mountains, and they became a very welcome medical person in the community.  There is a photo of some of the more well-known midwives in the Norris area included here.

However, it was a struggle to bring children past infancy in those early days.  With little or no medical care, many youngsters and babies succumbed to childhood diseases for which we have vaccinations today.  Nearly every mother experienced the death of one of her babies, and some even lost them all before the age of puberty to childhood disease.  Death was a part of their lives, and they went on - the stongest and healthiest survived.  The weak children did not.  This was a fact in those days.  Families would often have photos taken of a dead infant, to be treasured forever.  Wakes were held in which the dead child would be dressed in a fine garment to be viewed.  These rituals gave the family comfort,  because often the traveling preacher was not there to preach a proper funeral.


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