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Friday, July 6, 2012


We left with our visiting daughter, son-in-law and their son Cade to spend 2 days and a night with our youngest daughter on Norris Lake just outside of LaFollette, north of Knoxville.  It was a huge cabin with 3 stories, 5 bedrooms and three full baths, and Kim and her family had rented it for a week and taken our boat to the dock right below the cabin.  The first few days they spent with their employees and their families, but the last three days were for family members - and boy did a lot of family members show up!  Kim's husband's family and a baby showed up, as well as the 5 of us with my sister and brother (who were only there for Thursday during the day).  We all had to bring our pot-luck offerings, so there was food galore!

For the most part, we spent all of our time either on the boat or on the dock  floating in the water on our life vests.  The younger kids were learning to ski on youth skiis tied together, while Benjamin, the teenager, practiced his wake boarding and slalom skiing.  I prefered to stay at the dock and just stay cool floating in the water.

At about 5:00, the afternoon storm arrived with a vengance, and by the time we got back to the house, the wind was roaring, the thunder and lightening got closer and closer, and our electricity went out.  So much for warming up our pot-luck supper!  It was really quite a storm all over east Tennessee.  the Smokies were really hit hard.  Two people were killed when trees fell on them, and people in the campgrounds were trapped in by trees across the roads. As for us,  Ben's family all left, and my brother and sister had to head for home too, so that just left our family with Kim and hers.  We almost left too, but all the kids began to cry, Kim started to cry, and then I started to cry, because I felt that we were deserting the ship, so to speak.  So, as it turned out, my husband drove into town and found a CVS pharmacy that was open and bought three flashlights.  We had hot dogs on the grill and played charades in the dark, and the kids absolutely loved it.  Finally, at about 10:00 P.M., the electricity came back on, and things returned to normal, and we all got a good night's sleep.  We did have to leave the next day, but I'm so glad that we didn't ruin things by leaving the night before.  Kim and Ben had planned so much for this family get-together, and I know she would have been so disappointed if we left just because the electricity was out

On the way home, we stopped at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, TN.  My next few posts will be all about that.


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