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I was raised in South Florida back in the years when it was a peaceful and wonderfully safe place to live. We lived a mile from the beach and could ride our bikes over the intercoastal bridge right to the best beach around. All my years of growing up I was a competitive swimmer and belonged to AAU. I granduated from Florida State University with a BS degree in nursing. I am recently retired but I'm thinking of going back to work to support my hobbies.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today my brother-in-law, age 70, had a heart attack, and my husband saved his life with rapid action.  My husband's brother had been weed-eating around his yard (He lives right across the street from us), and he came over to talk to my husband, who was working in his wood shop nearby.  His brother sat down on a chair and, in the middle of a sentence, he mentioned that he wasn't "feeling good in his chest" and felt sick to his stomach.  Immediately, my husband said "Let's go, I'm taking you right to the hospital."  His brother said he wanted to go take a shower first, but my husband said, "No, we're going right now.", and they did.  That saved his life, because by the time they got to the hospital, he couldn't even get out of the car, and my husband had to run inside and ask for help.  They took his brother right back to the cath lab, and located the blockage immediately.  Fortunately, it took just one stint to open it back up, but they had to shock his heart 6 times while he was having the procedure done!  We had a very scary afternoon, thinking about all the bad things that might have happened if my husband hadn't been around, or if his brother had really gone upstairs to take a shower.  Under both circumstances, he would have lost his life!  One thing, though, my husband was told by the doctor at the ER that in a case like this, ALWAYS call 911 - don't drive the person to the hospital yourself.  The emergency responders are much more able to take care of cardiac arrest, should it occur before you get to the hospital.  Both men were lucky today, and it looks like no major heart surgery is going to be needed. 


Pat said...

Wow what a scare! Your hubby should be proud of himself. Thank goodness he happened to be in the right place at the right time :)

Judy G. said...

Yes, it was one of those fortunate happenings that Norm (my husband) happened to be close by in his wood shop and his brother came over to chat with him about a weed-eater. Right when he got there was when he started feeling bad.

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