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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I think most people are watching the Winter Olympics, because there's nothing else on TV worth watching at night.  All the other networks are showing re-runs, because they figure that we're all tuned in to the Olympics, which we have been - except for "Downton Abbey" on Sunday nights.  That takes precedent over all the other programs.  My husband hates it, mainly because he can't understand the British accents.  I think they all sound so lovely and refined, compared to us Americans.  I live in Tennessee, and most people around here sound like hillbillys.  A wonderful British accent is music to my ears, really!
Anyway, back to the Olympics.  Shaun White is about to make his next to final run on the half-pipe.  Will he win it?  Wait, I've got to watch this to see if he does.  Ooooh!  He landed twice on his butt on his first run in the finals and only scored 35.00, which puts him in 11th place.  Yuk!  He and all the others have one more run to go.  I'll finish this after his last run.
If there are any of you reading this from Canada, please leave me a comment.  Your competitors are doing so well in the ski events and the speed skating.  Congratulations!  I know you are all proud of the athletes from your countries.  Man, this half-pipe is ruining everyone (bad track).  It's apparently really rough and slushy at the bottom.  Here in Tennessee, we're expecting a pretty bad snow and ice event, starting tomorrow afternoon.  This winter is really wearing me down.
Oh Oh, Yuri Podlachikov (I'm sure I spelled this wrong!) from Switzerland (born in Russia) has just scored a 94.75 to go into 1st place.  Now it all up to Shaun White.  Will he or won't he??  Wouldn't you know, he's going to be the last one to go, since he qualified first in the preliminaries.  Here he goes..... he has a slight bobble one the switch 1440.  Lands flat.  Shaun takes 4th place - does not even get on the podium.  A new era in snowboarding has begun.  Maybe Shaun shouldn't have cut off his hair.
Oh well, such is life.  Youth comes along and eventually takes the place of the older competitors.  Shaun has been a great Olympian.


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