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Sunday, July 19, 2015


We've had company at our house since the last part of June - my brother and sister (she has her own house here, so my brother stayed with her), and both of our daughters and their families, sometimes separately, other times everyone together.  It's been wild - but a very good time.

For 4 days during the 4th of July week-end, our daughters and their kiddos spent the time on a huge rented house boat, and we brought our Moomba wake board boat out so that they could ride the tube and wake board - and,  so that we could go back home to sleep.  The houseboat slept 10 people, but my husband and I prefer the comfort and peace and quite of our own bed at night.  The weather was less than delightful, in fact it was kind of cool, but, as far as I was concerned, I'd rather be a little cool on the water than frying in the hot sun.  And it hardly rained at all.  Mostly  it was just cloudy.  

Here are some great pics that I want to share with you:
 This is our oldest grandson, Benjamin and his sister Abby tubing.

This is our only grandaughter, 11 year old Abby.

Lunch time with our daughter, Kim and her husband, Ben, and some of the kiddos.

This is our houseboat and the raft that we pumped up and tied to the boat.  This is so the adults could get the the water with their drinks and snacks.

This is our own ski boat.  All the boys are learning to wake board.

Here Cade and Abby are giving Eli the "High 5" as he comes down the slide."

               This raft is as big as a barge!!

                   Cade and Eli loved going tubing.

Good old Kim did the food preparations.  Yummy!!

I did a lot of sitting on the deck and watching, although I did manage to flop into the raft one afternoon.

                Here's Eli going down the slide.

Even my sister Jan went down the slide.  I, however,
         spared myself the embarrasment.


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